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A Will is a legal document that declares your intentions for all of your assets upon your death. These assets include money, vehicles, investments, real estate and personal or household belongings.

A Will can also be used to specify other demands as well as including the appointment of temporary and permanent, long-term guardians for your children, contributions to charitable causes, and funeral arrangements

DIFC Wills and Probate Registry

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has opened its own Wills and Probate Registry (the “Registry”). This is an important development for non-Muslim expatriates; as it will ensure that, Sharia law will not apply to their assets in Dubai, if a will is registered with the Registry.

This landmark development aims at promoting investment in the region and will allow family members to avoid lengthy proceedings and uncertainty if they pass away. Only non- Muslims may register their Will with the Registry

The Registry works in conjunction with the Dubai Land Department, the Dubai Economic Department, and other government departments to ensure that a Will is registered with the relevant departments to ensure a zero issue with the distribution of property under a DIFC Will. This is another way of protecting your assets from any unlawful transfers.


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