Hong Kong has become the first COUNTRY in terms of trading with the rest of Asia and worldwide point of view.  Its tax system offers various advantages. Certainly, as long as a Hong Kong company does not conduct any business in Hong Kong, and does not generate any incomes from Hong Kong-based sources, the company will not be taxable in Hong Kong. Incorporation of a Hong Kong company can usually be processed same day.

 In order to start a Private Company Limited by shares in Hong Kong, you need to have at least:

  • One Director
  • One Shareholder

At least one of the directors should be a natural person from any nationality and the shareholder may be represented by the same person

Both director and shareholder should be above 18 years old

HK Limited Company – Set up procedure

  1. Decide to use tailor-made (new) company or ready-made (shelf) company:
    • Tailor made company
      • please provide three preferred company names for name checking (Note: an English company name must end with the word “Limited”)
      • after receipt of your payment and all original signed documents, the registration process will start and takes 8 working days to complete
    •  Ready-made (shelf) company
      • these companies may or may have never been used and may or may not have a bank account attached.
      • we suggest to choose a recently formed company to avoid backward renewal fee
      • after receipt of your payment and all original signed documents, the registration process will start and takes around 3 working days to complete.
    • Director(s) and Shareholder(s):
      • passport copy
      • residential address proof – e.g. valid ID card / driver license / utility bill or bank statement showing full name & residential address (issued in recent 3 months)
    • Issued shares to each shareholder and consideration paid:
      • please state the number of shares per shareholder (e.g. 1 share)
      • please state the consideration paid per shareholder (e.g.1 HKD)
      • please specify the consideration is fully paid or payable
    • Business nature on the Business Registration Certificate (BR)
      • please briefly describe your business e.g. trading / consulting / service / holding
      • the description cannot exceed 60 characters (including spaces)
      •  “TRADING, INVESTMENT & CONSULTING” will be placed on the BR unless otherwise specified
    • Due Diligence:
      •  a due diligence questionnaire will be provided and must be answered completely.
  2. Once all required information is received, a quotation invoice will sent by email for settlement.
  3. Once is payment received, incorporation documents will be sent by email for signature.
  4. The original signed documents shall be returned to us for submission to government.

Benefits of incorporating a company in Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong as a gateway to do business in China
  • Simple taxation regime –a flat rate of 16.5%
  • Excellent reputation in banking and financial system
  • Fast, low cost, and simple company set up
  • Attractive foreign investor policy – no restriction on foreign ownership
  • Distribution of dividends is not taxable, inheritance tax had abolished
  • World-class infrastructure
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